The venue has outside space can it go outside if its sunny?

Unfortunately No, Indoor castles must stay inside at all times due to a number of reasons. We no longer do outside castles. Even If the venue has a garden the equipment must stay indoors.


Can I have a Bouncy Castle at my house in the garden?

We no longer do outside hires. We can only setup indoors. Local halls are low cost and provide a safer environment.

How can I pay for the Bouncy Castle or Equipment?

Payment can be made in full or a £10 booking deposit by Credit/Debit cards over the phone, However please contact us to arrange alternative payment methods if this is not suitable. This booking payment will secure your chosen time\date. Any remaining balance is required upon delivery once everything has been setup and your happy, normally in Cash or Card. You will receive a confirmation email/text within 48h of any payment. If payment is made in full there is nothing to pay on the hire day.

Are you insured?

Yes we have product & public liability insurance policy's. We can email evidence of cover to you or the venue if this is required (the venue will tell you)

Are you Qualified Operators?

Yes we are fully certified by the RPII and carry valid photo ID badges available on request. Don't risk your child's safety by using un-qualified, un-insured hirers.


We understand that sometimes people change their mind or want to cancel their booking, If you have paid in full you can cancel your booking at anytime, However a £10 booking fee is non refundable unless conditions are deemed by Boogie Bouncers not to be suitable/safe on the day of hire, Refunds will be made within 7 days.


We offer free local delivery on all our items. If we are unable to provide your delivery due to adverse weather, vehicle failure, illness or any other factor, we will inform you of this at the earliest possible opportunity and provide a full refund. Delivery times can be arranged during the booking process. Please ensure that there is adequate space for our products, that the location our products will be sited is accessible, and that you have cleared the area of mess and debris. We will be unable to provide a refund if we cannot deliver your product due to a lack of space or accessibility or due to an inappropriate location. We take safety seriously as there are young children involved. We know all the local halls well so we normally know what equipment will fit just ask us if your unsure.

What time do you deliver?

We deliver all day long normally from 9am, Our last collection is normally 7:30pm, if you require a delivery for a specific time please advise us and we will try to help. You can specify times however bookings which take place in unsociable hours may incur an extra fee. Our online booking form shows times by default we will contact you to confirm times. For piece of mind please contact us before booking online.

How many people can use a Bouncy Castle?

Generally speaking, between 6 and 12 children at one time. However this depends on the size of the users and the type of Bouncy Castle. Every inflatable is different, but we do provide detailed information for every item. Feel free to contact us.

Does the Bouncy Castle need electricity? How is it powered?

Yes, you’ll need a normal 13A plug socket within 20ft of where you want to put the bouncy castle. We will bring extension cords with us if necessary. If you don’t have electricity within 25ft, we can still help. We do have longer leads if needed.

What if it rains?

We no longer do outside hires, So if it rains you'll be nice and dry in your chosen venue.


The first bouncy castle was designed in 1959 by John Scurlock in Louisiana who was experimenting with inflatable covers for a government request for proposal when he noticed his children enjoyed jumping on the air structure. John was an electrical engineer and liked physics. He was a pioneer of inflatable domes, inflatable tents, inflatable signs and his greatest achievement was the invention of the safety air cushion that is used by fire and rescue departments to catch people jumping from buildings or heights. The first spacewalk manufacturing company was in New Orleans in a leased warehouse that also sewed horse pads. His wife, Frances, started the first inflatable rental company in 1966 and in 1976 they built a custom facility for the production and rental of the products. They marketed the space walks to children's events such as birthday parties, school fairs and company picnics. These original inflatables did not have the enclosure of today's inflatables.

Their son Frank Scurlock expanded their rental concept throughout the United States under the brand names "Space Walk" and "Inflatable Zoo". Frank also founded the first all inflatable indoor play park called "Fun Factory" on Thanks Giving Day 1986 in Metairie Louisiana. A second unit was opened in Memphis Tennessee called "Fun Plex" in 1987. Both locations closed after the value of the property became too great for the operations. The first inflatable was an open top mattress with no sides, called a "Space Pillow". In 1967 a pressurized inflatable top was added, it required two fans and got hot in the summer like a greenhouse. That version was called "Space Walk" and was adopted as the company name.

In 1974, to solve the heat problem, a new product line called "Jupiter Jump" was created that has inflated columns that supported netting walls which allowed the air to pass through. Further enhancements of this style were developed such as a line of castles and animals which are referred to as the "Inflatable Zoo". In the early 1990s, Frank created the first commercial inflatable water slide called the "Aqua Tunnel". Space Walk was the first company to bring an inflatable to the IAAPA convention, Showmen's Club and the American Rental Association.


The 1975 Neiman Marcus catalogue included a closed inflatable trampoline called 'The Moon Walk'. It was designed to increase children's safety.


The surfaces are typically composed of thick, strong PVC or vinyl and nylon, and the castle is inflated using an electric or petrol-powered blower. The principle is one of constant leakage, meaning small punctures are not a problem - a medium-size "bouncy castle" requires a fan with a mechanical output of about two horsepower (consuming around 2 kW electrical power, allowing for the efficiency of the motor).

UK and Australian bouncy castles have specifications calling for fully inflated walls on three sides with an open front and foam "crash mats" to catch children who may jump or fall out of the structure.

Modern moonwalks in the US are typically supported by inflatable columns and enclosed with netting. The netting allows for supervision as adults can see in from all sides.

Another type of home-use inflatable has evolved, with a blower pumping in air continuously. Pores in the seams and material allow air to escape as children play, while the blower continues to inflate the unit. This category has emerged as a response to parents who wish to buy an inflatable for home use.




In 2005, the most severe standards in the construction of an inflatable amusement were adopted nationally in Australia, forming Federal Standard AS3533.4. This was a landmark safety standard bringing the toughest design/construction/operation standards to the inflatable industry of Australia. In 2006 the European Union (EU) followed and introduced similar standards throughout EU called EN14960:2006.

So what are the current rules around the safe use of bouncy castles and other inflatable play equipment?

According to health and safety law, all bouncy castle equipment used "as a slide or for bouncing upon" by members of the public needs to be regularly tested by a competent person.

The inspection needs to be carried out before the bouncy castle is first used. After that, a test is required every year to confirm it remains in safe condition for further hires.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says anyone looking to hire a bouncy castle should ask to see proof that it has had its annual test.

And hiring a bouncy castle that does not conform to British standards means you are taking a risk with the safety of those using it.

Newer Bouncy Castles:

Bouncy castle hire has faded over the years but now with the new style disco bouncy castles it’s become more and more popular again, Disco bouncy castle hire brings back the enjoyment of the once loved bouncy castle and combines disco lights and speakers giving the users everything they could want from a party. brings the best to lead the industry now specialising in this type of castle.

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